Zeal For Life – Zurvita Review

Thinking Of Taking The Zeal For life Challenge With Zurvita?

Zeal For LifeI am going to give you a straight forward unbiased Zeal For Life Zurvita Review.

Don’t worry, I’m not involved with “Zurvita” and won’t pitch you on taking the Zeal For Life challenge.

You may have landed on this page because you are thinking about joining Zurvita and taking part in their Zeal For Life Challenge.

Heard of Zurvita before? That’s probably because they are also in a couple different niches offering a variety of different products such as heath care and business solutions.

There most recent product line with Zurvita known as “Zeal For Life” seems to be getting more attention though so we’ll focus on that.

What is the Zeal For Life Challenge?

Zeal For Life ChallengeThe Zeal For Life Challenge with Zurvita is their 90 Day Challenge using their different products in their weight management line.

Now wait… 90 Day Challenge? Haven’t I heard that before?

Chances are you probably have, because most all health and wellness companies are launching their 90 Day Challenge’s behind the success of Visalus Sciences who pioneered the 90 Day Challenge with their meal replacement shakes that have seemed to take over the weight loss market by storm.

Many health and wellness companies watched Visalus EXPLODE promoting their 90 Day Challenge, so a lot of them created their own 90 Day Challenge hoping to have the same success or give their company the boost that they are looking for.

Zeal For Life Product Line with Zurvita

Zeal For Life ProductZeal is Zurvita’s main product which is a nutritional drink which is a concentrated powder (wild berry flavor) that you need to mix with water or juice.  Since it has no artificial sweeteners, you probably won’t have to worry about a weird after taste.

They also have a couple other products: Zeal Cleanse and Zeal Burn.

Zurvita does make some claims on their flagship product ZEAL in their Zeal For Life product line.

They claim that Zeal has the equivalent of 56 different pills to get the nutritional value of what you get in one 6 oz serving of Zeal. They also claim that by taking their product Zeal, it removes all the guess work from staying healthy because Zeal has everything that you would need to stay healthy.

Would you say these claims can be a little BOLD? I would think so, because many companies have similar claims and all of their products are different!

Is Zeal For Life With Zurvita Your Financial Solution?

I believe that you could make money with any opportunity that has a good pay plan and product, but it all comes down to what you do and the work that you put in.

Can you make money promoting the Zeal For Life product line with Zurvita? Sure you can!

Most likely how it will work is that if you join the Zeal For Life 90 Day Challenge and start promoting it, you are going to tell all of your friends and family about it and try and get them to join right?

Well that’s how it always works and 97% of normal people fail in this industry because they run out of family and friends to talk to and they don’t know how else to find people to join their business.

If you are thinking about joining Zurvita or are already in Zurvita, would YOU like to learn a SECRET way of generating endless leads for your Zurvita business?

You would be CRAZY and BRAIN DEAD not to!

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